Why I Quit Swedish Class

So about 6 months back, I talked about starting on Svenska Som Andraspråk in this post and my theory then was that going for some Swedish class is better than none. And so that was what I did and I went through (and passed) 1 level.

6 months on, I am not so proud to admit that I have decided to quit SAS for the following reasons:

  • I became very involved with work, travelling and netball which meant that I would have to miss out on a lot of lessons which is very counter productive and stressful especially when there are tight deadlines to meet at school. Example, reading 2-3 chapters Swedish text a week + writing essays.

So yes going for SAS is good because it is free and the standard is decent but you need to be able to commit to the workload.

  •  I didn’t feel like it helped me on a business level ie while I can write a decent (maybe occasionally grammatically wrong) essay about a Swedish book, I felt like it was a struggle to write professional emails and talk about work comfortably in Swedish.

At the end of the day, my goal is not to be ace at writing Swedish literature essays but to be able to work and converse comfortably in Swedish on a business level and hence I felt like the time and effort I was committing to SAS was not going to help me achieve my goal.

I don’t want to say I lost faith in the system but perhaps I have not found the right path for me yet. But in the mean time, I will try to watch more Swedish TV and read more Swedish texts until I find something else that is more work/business relevant.

And to anyone else out there who has the time to commit to classes, I think that it is still best to stay in school especially because when you complete the program you should be “ready” for University level courses. Although I would of course take that with a huge pinch of salt because it really depends on how much Swedish you use on a day to day basis outside of school.

If anyone has tips on what to do, where to go or advice on what you are doing personally for Swedish, do let me know!

Till the next time, vi ses!