The joys of Spring

Now that I have been through the first full winter of my life, I feel like I can finally fully understand and appreciate the joy that spring brings. It might just be my favourite season because we can celebrate the fact that winter is over and enjoy longer sunny days that are neither too cold nor too hot.

I must say that spring has been treating me very well so far and I cannot be happier and more thankful. In fact I managed to escape the “bad” spring weather when I was in LA because it was snowing in Stockholm and I don’t believe the snow would come back again but who knows?

So we got our barbecue parties going…


My tummy is so grateful for all the amazing cooks I know here. These were some really yummy pork skewers that was complete with a spicy dipping sauce.

It is also picnic and ice cream weather now. I feel like I have come full circle eating the exact same ice cream almost one year ago (refer to Gröna lund post from last year).


The city has also been buzzing with festivals like the Eurovision song contest and this was from the Indian Festival from yesterday. I do not eat much Indian food in Singapore but I am more than happy to eat any Asian food now (with extra spicy sauce no less).


And I also did my first run of the year, which was none other than the happiest 5k on earth – The Colour Run.

It was probably the easiest 5km to do since we had to stop whenever there were human jams and so many people came just to take pictures so trying to jog past the walkers is not that easy either.

But nonetheless it was like one big dance party and everyone was so colourful and happy.

So the sun usually sets at around 2130 and rises by 0400 now and the days will just keep getting longer till July. Sidenote to the Lee Family coming in July, you can expect days to last about this long while you are here!

Looking forward to what the rest of the spring/summer would bring!

Till the next time!


Swedapura Goes to Disneyland

So if you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen that I have been on some sort of a travelling roll. I am now in a constant state of jetlag but I am finally back with updates and I would like to start with my favouritest memory…

A day at Disneyland with my Dajie, Caity and Andrew!

Apparently even before I arrived in LA, it was something the kids talked about a lot and so on a Wednesday morning my sister decided, “Let’s do this! We are going to Disneyland!”

The moment we walked in, we spotted Snow White and it was just perfect that we could get Caity into her costume for a little meet and greet. The day was off to a brilliant start and everything just felt so…magical.


Once we got into the park proper, we kept running into one Disney character after another and there were some (great) singing guys along Main Street as well.


What I enjoyed most about the rides was…how happy it made the kids. Just look at their smiling faces! Plus Caity took not just one but TWO rollercoaster rides for the first time in her life. In fact she took them 4 times in total because she went with both Jie and I on each ride.


Cliche but…necessary to beat the heat.

We also went into the Royal Hall to pay the princesses a visit. I think it freaked the children out a little to see their favourite princesses in person but for the adults it was just a little…awkward because you don’t know if you need to speak to them in a princessy voice too.


The best way to end of the day was finding a perfect spot for the parade and seeing the two little ones enjoy the spectacle.

Thank you for fulfilling my little childhood dream and sharing this special day with me!


I feel like the pictures do not do justice to this special day but I hope this vlog does. Hope you guys enjoy this one 🙂

Till the next time!

Out in the Woods w the Marklunds


Last weekend, Jens and I went back to his hometown to visit his family.

It has been awhile since I have seen them, the last being before I went back to Singapore, so it was nice to see them again (why is Sweden so big?!).

Anyway, it was a belated birthday celebration of sorts for Jens’s brother Viktor who requested for a picnic out in the forest.


Look Ma, I am walking on water.

After Viktor flew his plane for awhile, we made our way to a BBQ area and while the kids were busy climbing trees and taking selfies…


The parents were hard at work to get the BBQ going…


A sidenote to my family: If the wooden shed above looks appealing, an overnight stay can be arranged during your visit this summer. I am very sure Mum would love it. Not.


So after all the hard work by Pappa and Mamma Marklund, the fire was ready to grill the bacon wrapped sausages.


And now we can officially say, Spring is here and we have had our first BBQ of the year.

But of course as you can tell, Spring was only in our heads because we still had to have many layers on.


Although soon, very soon, we can enjoy more days outdoors like this and these perfectly roasted sausages would stay warm for longer.


It was a lovely day to be out nonetheless and probably the best Saturday we have had this year.

Till the next time!