The joys of Spring

Now that I have been through the first full winter of my life, I feel like I can finally fully understand and appreciate the joy that spring brings. It might just be my favourite season because we can celebrate the fact that winter is over and enjoy longer sunny days that are neither too cold nor too hot.

I must say that spring has been treating me very well so far and I cannot be happier and more thankful. In fact I managed to escape the “bad” spring weather when I was in LA because it was snowing in Stockholm and I don’t believe the snow would come back again but who knows?

So we got our barbecue parties going…


My tummy is so grateful for all the amazing cooks I know here. These were some really yummy pork skewers that was complete with a spicy dipping sauce.

It is also picnic and ice cream weather now. I feel like I have come full circle eating the exact same ice cream almost one year ago (refer to Gröna lund post from last year).


The city has also been buzzing with festivals like the Eurovision song contest and this was from the Indian Festival from yesterday. I do not eat much Indian food in Singapore but I am more than happy to eat any Asian food now (with extra spicy sauce no less).


And I also did my first run of the year, which was none other than the happiest 5k on earth – The Colour Run.

It was probably the easiest 5km to do since we had to stop whenever there were human jams and so many people came just to take pictures so trying to jog past the walkers is not that easy either.

But nonetheless it was like one big dance party and everyone was so colourful and happy.

So the sun usually sets at around 2130 and rises by 0400 now and the days will just keep getting longer till July. Sidenote to the Lee Family coming in July, you can expect days to last about this long while you are here!

Looking forward to what the rest of the spring/summer would bring!

Till the next time!


International Potluck Lunch


This week I had one of the most sumptuous lunch ever. Just look at the spread! Looking at the pictures again just makes my…tummy smile.

We decided to do an international potluck lunch where everyone would bring something from their home country so there was traditional Swedish food (of course), Japanese pork, Chinese dumplings and Indian Briyani to name a few.

Surprisingly no one made meatballs so thumbs up to the Swedes for their creativity! I must say that I really enjoyed the homemade flat bread with cheese and reindeer sausages.

But my all round favourite had to be the chicken briyani because it tasted so much of home. Sososo good!


Safe to say we had enough food to last us the week and I may or may not have been more excited over this as compared to a…julbord (Christmas Dinner).

And just in case you are wondering what the Singaporean aka me brought….


Here is my homemade satay and chicken flavoured rice balls. I slaved in the kitchen for at least 3 hours over the satay because cooking them without a grill was a pain. That explains why the balls were only chicken flavoured and not the proper chicken rice balls.

It was funny though that the balls ended up being a hit. Especially for the brave souls who dipped them in the accompanying chicken rice chilli sauce.

Hope everyone has been having a great week!

Till the next time!

Chinese New Year in Sweden

On the 6th day of Chinese New Year, we finally had the CNY feels here in snowy Stockholm. I have been looking forward to this day ever since my social media was spammed with updates on all the celebrations going on at home.

First up we had a DIY Yu Sheng (Prosperity Salad) that we put together with whatever we could get here. It was the first time for most of the guests but can I just say that it was a hit? #selfpraise


I have actually never really enjoyed eating Yu Sheng because it is usually either too sweet or too oily or had too much ginger so I usually only went for the crunchy bits. But this was surprisingly refreshing and tasty. Plus we also learnt that this salad is not difficult to put together at all!


We then had a huge steamboat feast and used the Hai Di Lao soup bases again. This time around we got the Mushroom soup base and the Tomato soup base.


There was so much food but it was so good. Steamboat never fails to satisfy, especially in this weather!


We then completed the meal with some freshly baked cookies by Nicola which was a nice sweet ending to the meal.

Just because I am really pleased with our first attempt at Yu Sheng, here is a quick overview of how we put everything together…


  1. Shred some white radish, cucumber, carrot and red capsicum.
  2. Peel and shred the pomelo
  3. Crush the crackers
  4. Mix plum sauce with sesame oil and water
  5. Prepare a small side of cinnamon powder, white pepper and five spice powder.
  6. Lay it out nicely on a plate
  7. Mix it all up!

As you can see we left out a few ingredients like peanuts, sashimi and ginger but because of allergies and limitations of what we can get here, this was the best that we could put together with what we had. Hence even though it was not complete, the idea was there and most importantly…it tasted good.

新年快乐! 心想事成! 猴年大吉! 身体健康!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Kräftskiva in Sweden (Updated with Recipe)


It is crayfish party season in Sweden and I decided to jump on the bandwagon as well and DIY a Kräftskiva at home. I guess the only difference is that we did it with lots of food, skipped on the decorations and went easy on the alcohol.

The star dish of the party was the crayfish of course. I cooked it three days in advance so that the crayfish could sit in its broth and soak up all the salt/dill/beer.


The crayfish here is a lot smaller than what I am used to at home but the good thing is that it requires less complicated ingredients unlike our many spices/sauces that we usually use at home.

Just thought that it may be helpful to share the steps I took to prepare the crayfish (please tweak this recipe accordingly):

  1. Boil 1.5l of water with 1 can of stout, lots of dill, 1 dl of fling salt, 0.5dl of sugar and a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Give it a good stir and bring the broth up to a boil.
  3. Drop 8-10 crayfish in, cover the lid and cook for about 5-8mins. The crayfish would float to the top when ready.
  4. Take the crayfish out of the pot and dump it in cold water to stop the cooking.
  5. Repeat step 3 with the next batch of crayfish until you are done.
  6. Let the broth cool, pour it over the boiled crayfish, add more dill in the broth and store it in your fridge for at least 1-2 nights.
  7. To serve, lay it out on a dish and add some fresh lemon. Crayfish is best served with some creamy romsås and washed down with beer. Enjoy!

Another highlight of the night was this Västerbottenost Paj.


The funny story behind this cheese is that my cousin who lives in Hong Kong messaged me and asked if I have tried this cheese before. I started to read up about it because I did not know what it was and then realised that it was everywhere in the supermarket especially during this crayfish season! It is not particularly cheap but it made me so excited to try it. I think that it is pretty amazing that word of this cheese has travelled so far. This pie is apparently one of the ways to eat it, especially during a crayfish party.

Finally, I attempted this coconut raspberry mousse dessert to end the meal on a sweet note even though we were so stuffed after all that food.


For the fun of it, I decided to film some behind the scenes footage of the work that went behind this feast and even though there was a bit of mumbling and an awkward ending (because Jens is pretty camera shy), I hope you enjoy it! Click on this link to head over to my Youtube channel!

Celebrating SG50 in Sweden


On National Day aka 9th August, Jens and I were invited to Irene and Johan’s place for a feast. When we walked through their door, we were greeted with a very loud “MAJULAH!” from Johan. He was in this limited edition SG50 T shirt that they won in Changi Airport.

We streamed the parade live on TV and I actually thought that this year’s parade was really nice! I mean in general I do enjoy watching the parade every year, but some years can come off too tacky sometimes. It was so nice to listen to all the classic national day songs and to have so many Singaporean celebrities perform for this big day. It was a pity that the Red Lions did not get to jump but the other military display was still equally impressive, including the old school uniforms!

Now on to the feast! I tried my best to take nice food pictures to do justice to Irene’s food so here we go…

First up, we had fried bee hoon – a classic staple at most gatherings at home and one of the popular choices for breakfast/supper. I guess the only difference between this bee hoon and the bee hoon we get at home is that we use Swedish carrots here. I am sure my family would remember how much Jens raved about how good Swedish carrots are so…we are still waiting for all of you to come visit and try.

Bee Hoon

Homemade Otah – My family would probably know how much I love otah (especially mum). I don’t know what it is but there is something about this fish paste dish that is just so appetizing! I honestly did not expect to be able to eat this here so I was really happy.


Salted Egg Prawns – This salted egg is just pure magic. I am so amazed at how good it tastes both in desserts and with food!

Salted egg prawns

And finally the star dish of the day….


Chilli Crab

We probably couldn’t get any more Singaporean than this! Plus it was accompanied by Irene’s homemade mantou buns (which I think Jens and I ate most of). It was so good just dipping the buns into the sauce. Prima Taste is really legit as the flavour was spot on!

We ended the meal on a very refreshing note with this lime curry leaf parfait with pickled cucumber. It is not Singaporean but a very interesting Masterchef recipe. It sounds peculiar to have curry leaf in desserts but this was really good!


And in case you are wondering, Irene whipped up the entire meal for 5 people all by herself!

I also received a care package from home put together by my mum, sent to Moe and carried all the way here by Irene and Johan. Thank you so much to each and every one of you! Receiving things from home just feels so nice and I almost cannot bear to open most of them because I do not want to finish them. The only thing that has been quickly disappearing is the wasabi nuts of course, hahaha! I am guessing that even if I could get an endless supply, Jens will still be able to finish them all.


Hope everyone at home had a lovely weekend celebrating SG50!

Till the next time!