The Sambo Visa Part 3: Visa Renewal

Hello, I am back with another update on the Sambo Visa so if this is not of any relevance to you, you can skip this post or maybe hop on over to Youtube to see how Stockholm looks when covered in snow.

The snow has since disappeared so looking back at this video now feels super cosy.

Anyway back to the Sambo Visa, 2 years have flown by since received my approval (time flies!). Just a note: The visa starts from the date the Migrationboard approves your application and not when you first arrive in Sweden and hence it is important to move quite quickly after you received your approval.

It took me almost 4 months to move hence I had to apply for my extension before I hit my 2 years here.

The steps to go about doing it are:

  1. Mark your calendar 30 days before your visa expiry date so that you will remember to fill out your application.
  2. Login to the Migrationboard website under extension of visa to fill out the online application.
  3. Fill out the form + Attach your passport picture + Attach your partner’s passport picture + Attach the assurance of cohabitation form
  4. Pay for the visa application (1500sek)
  5. Wait for reply.

The good thing about the extension is that it involved very little time for the application compared to the first round. However again no one really knows how long the visa approval will take because it varies from case to case.

In my case, I sent out my application on a Sunday and received an email on Monday that a decision has been made. This was the fastest that I have ever received a response from the Migrationboard but just a headsup that it does not end here because you would have to continue with the following…

  1. Wait for the decision letter to be mailed to your home
  2. If the extension has been granted, you have to go online to set up an appointment for picture + fingerprint taking at the Migrationboard.
  3. Wait for the new residence permit to be mailed to you

All these steps can take a lot of time so if you are in a hurry (like me) to get the new residence permit fast, I would advice you to grab the earliest slot available on the website and squeeze out time to go down to the office for the appointment.

In case this is of any help, the process from sending out the online application to receiving the new residence permit card took not more than 2,5 weeks this time but the uncertainty of the situation meant that it is not safe to book holidays close to visa expiry. Would be interesting to see what happens 1 year from now when I have to go through this again.

Till the next time!


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