Svenska Som Andraspråk

So for those of you that have been following me on Youtube, you would have known that I am now done with Swedish For Immigrants ie SFI.

While a lot of people give the system a whole lot of crap, I must say that even though I am still not fluent in Swedish, it was better than not doing anything at all. I switched to evening classes when I started working and it forced me to listen to full Swedish for at least 2.5 hours a week. I found that my Swedish (in terms of reading and listening especially) got better over time although it might also be because I am more exposed to the language when living here.

Anyway being done with SFI feels good, a bit like a mini accomplishment. However I was also a bit clueless as to what to do next. My teacher at SFI literally told me, “Congrats. All the best. Good luck!”.

So I went a big round trying to email different schools/departments/people to eventually learn that I need to fill out an application on my kommun’s education portal to enroll for class. I required Jens help because the online portal was not user friendly especially for non-fluent Swedish users.


The course in my kommun was once a week at 5pm which meant that I would never make it on time so I requested to be placed in a school in the city instead. Thankfully my kommun approved my request and I applied to ABF. It is a school that was highly recommended by my friends who have been through the system and also just perfect that the school is near my workplace. Thankfully I was accepted and I just started out in the beginner’s course for Swedish Som Andraspråk ie SAS.


When we went for the first lesson, we had to take a test which comprised of a comprehension test and a letter writing segment. On the second lesson, we were split into different “levels” and I was shifted to SAS Grund 2. There are 3 Grund courses in total so essentially I got to “skip” one course.

I really appreciate the fact that we have a proper study plan and homework every lesson because it makes the whole course more structured (and also intense). We are basically going through bits of the textbook every lesson and chapters in the storybook so by the end of the course (ie before Christmas) we need to be done with the storybook so that we can write an exam. In fact there would be 4 components to the exam for this course incl Comprehension, Listening, Speaking and Literature.

The texts that we are given to read now involve more complex Swedish words that I have never seen before and till now cannot remember. Hence usually by 2030, my brain is double fried from both work and school.

I really hope that I can keep this up but the commitment level is very high and while the spirit is willing, the flesh is quite weak. I usually come home too tired to move and would need to drag my feet to work the next day.

Anyway I hope this is remotely useful for anyone going through Swedish and if you need any tips just drop me a comment!


One thought on “Svenska Som Andraspråk

  1. Vad duktigt du är! Your Swedish is good for beginners! I was 13 when i moved to Sweden (22 years old now) and took me one year to learn because i was in school 5 days a week and then you learn pretty fast. Good luck you can do it! i know it takes a lot of energy but it’s all worth it :p


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