Best Summer Ever

I might have lived in a tropical country for almost my whole life but now that I have experienced two full summers in Sweden, the summer this year might be hard to top.

It is going to be a challenge trying to fit everything into one post but this summer has been made perfect not only because of the good weather, but because my entire family made their way across the globe to visit.

Some of my favourite moments include:

1.Our time in Gothenburg with the Marklunds where we were treated to kind Swedish hospitality and explored an old village together, had a picnic by the beach, caught crabs, visited a farm and rode a horse, took a boat ride on the lake, a long hike back to the Marklund home and also celebrated my sister’s birthday in the most Swedish way possible.

2. Being tourists in Stockholm together.


It is great that there was enough things to do to last the month and here was one of the days when we all got together to visit Stockholm classics like the City Hall. Just look at all their chirpy morning faces.

3. Taking on Gröna Lund one game/ride at a time


What better way to bring the entire family together than to hold a competition in the amusement park right? We challenged each other to five different games in search for the best guy and girl player and then went on a few rides after for the fun of it.

We tried really hard to accomplish two missions – 1) Win a big ball and 2) Win a huge bar of chocolate but although we were not successful on our first visit, the Chngs and I went back again a second time to complete them!

Here is our winning photo:


4. Attending Weekend Festival


It has been too long since my sis and I had a night out together and what better way to have fun then with the likes of Martin Garrix and Tiesto.

5. The Cottage Life


We all squeezed into 2 cottages for some quality time together over homecooked food, a day out at the water theme park and even streaming Singapore’s national day parade!

6. Lots of Fika

What is a visit to Sweden without some fika right? We definitely had a year’s worth of sugar with all the kanelbullars/cakes we had. Although I must say that having fika on a tram was taking it to the next level!

7. Kolmården: Wildlife theme park

Finally we also got to explore new places together like this visit to the Kolmården park which is a combination of animals and rides. It was the best combination for the children and my only wish is that we had more time there.

Looking back at all the pictures and memories created, my heart is so full. I wish I can keep reliving our time together. For anyone in a long distance relationship with your family will probably understand how precious family time is. Even moments when we were all crammed in my tiny apartment eating food cooked by my mum was more than enough.

Thank you all for taking the time out of your busy lives to make time for family. Would not have wanted to spend my summer any other way. Thanks for the memories!

Till the next time we meet again!


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