Fallens Dag 2016 Älvkarleby

Last Sunday (19th June), Jens found out that it was Fallens Dag in Älvkarleby and suggested we take a road trip up there to see it. It was probably the furthest north I have been since I moved here in Sweden and it was a lovely day to be out.


It was quite cool how they made a carnival out of an opening of a dam so there were many stalls that sold food or were game booths etc.


Can you spot the rainbow?


We waited for the first opening at 12:30 and we were half expecting the whole gate to open but then realised that the water would have just drowned us all.


A picture with the dam just so that we can say that we were there.


After that there was a performance by “Dolly Style” – one of the contestants on the recent Melodifestivalen. They were sharing experience on boys and bullying in between songs and we realised we were just not their target audience and left.


So we went for lunch instead.

Jens really surprised me that day with how he thought ahead and booked us seats at the restaurant which had a 1-2hour waiting time without booking. We still had to wait 1.5hours for the food because the kitchen could not keep up but it was worth the wait because the food was really good!

Jens had a steak and I went for a Kantarell (Mushroom) Risotto. Highly recommended!


We stopped over at this failed project nearby which is the “Dragon Gate” meant to be a hub to link China and Sweden. It is so weird to see such a massive project just abandoned like that but I guess it makes for a good photo opportunity to look like you are not in Sweden at all.


Till the next time!


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