Swedapura in LA Part 2

Just because I really want to note down my memories in LA before it is too late…here is Part 2 of my week in LA.


A few people asked why I would choose to go to LA for just a week and on hindsight I sure was not expecting to be in a perpetual state of jetlag for so long but family time is really more than anything.


Was happy to be able to share my 26th birthday with them and it was definitely made more fun because of the kids who enjoy birthdays. I got a special balloon from Caity because it was my birthday. It was a real treat to be able to catch mum on Skype so that she could be part of our little party virtually.


It was also so nice to see how much the kids have grown and how much closer the Chng family is now through their time in US.

And to have them be my tour guide around some of their favourite hangouts like the Aquarium. “Yee Yee Jan, look! The seal will swim under and come up from there!”

And time to reconnect with this not-so-little one whom I used to spend so much time with back in Singapore. I wish I could be a bigger part of seeing her grow up but seeing her now already makes me feel like such a proud aunt.


It is a bit ironic that I spent a lot of my meals eating Asian in LA but I have no regrets because the Asian food in LA was just on point. This plate of Spicy Nasi Padang was SO GOOD. Partially because it was exactly what I was craving for. Spicy, comforting Indonesian food.


We were almost on a food tour, covering places like Din Tai Fung, Cheesecake Factory, Shake Shack to name a few.


But more importantly, it felt like we were recreating our usual outings in Singapore in LA and getting to spend some family time with the Chngs.

Check out our cute little foodie video here!

Looking forward to the next time I see you all again.

Till the next time!



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