Swedapura Goes to Disneyland

So if you have been following me on Instagram, you would have seen that I have been on some sort of a travelling roll. I am now in a constant state of jetlag but I am finally back with updates and I would like to start with my favouritest memory…

A day at Disneyland with my Dajie, Caity and Andrew!

Apparently even before I arrived in LA, it was something the kids talked about a lot and so on a Wednesday morning my sister decided, “Let’s do this! We are going to Disneyland!”

The moment we walked in, we spotted Snow White and it was just perfect that we could get Caity into her costume for a little meet and greet. The day was off to a brilliant start and everything just felt so…magical.


Once we got into the park proper, we kept running into one Disney character after another and there were some (great) singing guys along Main Street as well.


What I enjoyed most about the rides was…how happy it made the kids. Just look at their smiling faces! Plus Caity took not just one but TWO rollercoaster rides for the first time in her life. In fact she took them 4 times in total because she went with both Jie and I on each ride.


Cliche but…necessary to beat the heat.

We also went into the Royal Hall to pay the princesses a visit. I think it freaked the children out a little to see their favourite princesses in person but for the adults it was just a little…awkward because you don’t know if you need to speak to them in a princessy voice too.


The best way to end of the day was finding a perfect spot for the parade and seeing the two little ones enjoy the spectacle.

Thank you for fulfilling my little childhood dream and sharing this special day with me!


I feel like the pictures do not do justice to this special day but I hope this vlog does. Hope you guys enjoy this one 🙂

Till the next time!


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