Cafe Hopping in Stockholm

Lou was in Stockholm for a weekend and we had a blast going around checking out different cafes and restaurants in Stockholm.

Left: Breakfast at Vete-katten, a traditional Swedish Confectionary, where we had cinnamon buns and coffee. This is the place Stockholmers swear by for some good fika.

Right: Midday snack at Cykelcafé Le Mond where we had an acai bowl. Thankfully it was just one because it was filling (and expensive).

Brunch food at Greasy Spoon where we shared a plate of blueberry pancakes and pink rosti.

It was my first time having matcha latte here in Stockholm but was slightly disappointed. The food was good though, and even better because we managed to skip the crazy queue by going closer to closing time.

The pink rosti was our favourite! It was a combination of beetroot hollandaise sauce, smoked salmon, poached eggs on top of a bed of rosti.

Left: Lunch at Rosendals Trädgård – an open air cafe near Skansen. It was such a beautiful sunny day to be eating outdoors and we shared a soup and some cakes.

Right: Meatballs at Meatballs for the People. Am so glad I gave this place a second chance because the meatballs did not disappoint this time. It was a plate of comfort food.

Overall I would say that eating out in Stockholm is not cheap but am happy to find little spots in the city to enjoy a good meal (once in a while). Hope this post made you as hungry as it made me.


Till the next time!


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