International Potluck Lunch


This week I had one of the most sumptuous lunch ever. Just look at the spread! Looking at the pictures again just makes my…tummy smile.

We decided to do an international potluck lunch where everyone would bring something from their home country so there was traditional Swedish food (of course), Japanese pork, Chinese dumplings and Indian Briyani to name a few.

Surprisingly no one made meatballs so thumbs up to the Swedes for their creativity! I must say that I really enjoyed the homemade flat bread with cheese and reindeer sausages.

But my all round favourite had to be the chicken briyani because it tasted so much of home. Sososo good!


Safe to say we had enough food to last us the week and I may or may not have been more excited over this as compared to a…julbord (Christmas Dinner).

And just in case you are wondering what the Singaporean aka me brought….


Here is my homemade satay and chicken flavoured rice balls. I slaved in the kitchen for at least 3 hours over the satay because cooking them without a grill was a pain. That explains why the balls were only chicken flavoured and not the proper chicken rice balls.

It was funny though that the balls ended up being a hit. Especially for the brave souls who dipped them in the accompanying chicken rice chilli sauce.

Hope everyone has been having a great week!

Till the next time!


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