Weekend in Amsterdam


Two weekends ago, I was in Amsterdam with my friend Nicola and after transiting in Amsterdam so many times whilst in an LDR with Jens, I finally stepped outside of the airport and had a chance to explore the city.

We paid about 1617SEK (approx 269sgd) to fly via KLM from Arlanda airport and it was nice to be served drinks and a snack on board even though the plane ride was so short, it felt more like a bus ride than an actual flight. I must say though that KLM’s packaging for their food and beverages is on point.

Anyway for those of you who are considering flights within Europe, it would be good to keep in mind that normal carriers usually land in major airports versus budget carriers that usually land in far-flung budget terminals. So it is important to factor in travelling to and from airport terminals and the extra cost versus just going for the cheapest flight option.

We picked a hotel from Hotels.com and it was by the water and really close to the main central train station. In case you are interested, it is called The Good Hotel and we paid about 304sgd for two nights which worked out to be about 76sgd per night and that was actually cheaper than what other people staying in a 8-10 bed shared hostel were paying.


We did not have much time in the city but we wanted to do as many touristy things as possible so it was nice that Joep could recommend us this place to check many things off the list. We went to Zaanse Schans which was a 40min bus ride out of the city.

I would say that you could skip all the expensive tours and just DIY. We paid not more than 11 euros for a round trip via bus and then walked around the little town ourselves.

P.s. Yes this is the first time that Joep (aka Jean’s bf) and I met! So cool that we are just 1.5 hours away by flight. And yes, I would like to have his head of hair.


So anyway, we got to visit a clog factory, see the windmills, taste some cheese, drink traditional pea soup and make our own hot chocolate. It was a nice respite from the city.


A mandatory group shot that my two travelling companions thankfully obliged to (hahaha!).


The highlight for me this trip though was the food. I do not know if it is because the food scene in Stockholm is not that exciting or I have not been out enough, but the food in Amsterdam really made the food crazed Singaporean (aka me) very happy indeed.

This Youtube video would probably sum up our trip a lot better and I would definitely love to visit this beautiful city again. Can you just imagine how much prettier everything would look when the sun is out and the flowers are blooming?

I tried a different style of filming but the sound was quite bad. In any case, click on the image to watch the video and I hope you enjoy it!


Till the next time!



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