Winter Vibes

So coming back to frosty, snowy and dark Sweden after spending three amazing weeks in sunny Singapore was definitely not the easiest thing. I am not going to lie but the first few weeks of the year have been pretty rough for me, which partially explains my absence on this space. I am not sure if it was the cold, or the darkness, or the homesickness or just everything rolled into one but all I wanted was to either wake up when winter was over or (more rationally) fly back home and be back in the warmth of my family and friends in Singapore.


I guess winter depression is real and being the girl who grew up in the tropics her whole life, going through my first full winter is no joke at all. Based on my conversations with other Swedes or people who have been living here for awhile, this is probably the coldest that Stockholm has ever been (yay?). Before I left for Singapore, the temperatures were hovering around 9-11 degrees and when I came back it was a nasty -15 degrees.

It almost feels like you can never win when my friends back home are telling me about how unbearably hot it is in Singapore and here I am trying to figure out how many layers I should throw on to ensure that I will not be shivering in the cold.


I guess you could say that a part of me is very happy to have grown up in Singapore because I don’t feel like I “missed out” on anything growing up without snow. It is just not as fun in reality as compared to in the movies.

It took awhile but I must say that now that we are close to end of January, the days do seem less bleak and there is that hope that the days would just keep getting better with time.

I started trying to look around and appreciating what was around me versus constantly thinking about what I am missing out on (in Singapore).


I must say that my favourite bits are:

1) When the snow is fresh and the sun/moonlight is reflecting off the snow and it just looks like a glitter explosion everywhere.

2) Catching the sunrise (because the sun rises so late) and the sky is a colourful paddlepop hue of pinks and blues.

3) When the snow comes in handy and can be used as instant ice packs in times of injury.


So while these pictures are not the best representation of how I look/feel everyday, there are always moments to smile about.

Although I have been quiet on this space, I have been keeping up with Youtube and if you have not already seen my latest videos, do click on the thumbnails below to check them out!

Haul tex 4

Am so glad that my parents were so spontaneous and made one of the videos possible (thank you Mum and Dad!). I had so much fun editing the videos and I hope you have as much fun watching them as well. Do keep a look out for more videos in the weeks to come!

Till the next time!


5 thoughts on “Winter Vibes

  1. Since Sweden is further north than southern Canada, the country would got longer nights in winter. I suspect that sunset is quite early and sunrise is later?

    Where we live in Alberta, Canada in the prairies, it can get cold…-15 degrees C in winter is average while very cold is -35 C. Yes. This winter we consider it warm for -5 degree C to 12 degrees C. It’s been this…very warm for Calgary.


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