Julmarknad aka Christmas Market

It is the time of the year for Christmas markets here in Sweden (and probably the rest of the world too I know). Anyway, Irene and I went out to explore a little and soak in a bit of the festive spirit. It is her second Christmas here so she is definitely more aware of what to expect.

“You see those decorations hanging there? It was the same last year. In fact I think it is the same every year.”

So just so you know, you only need to come to Sweden for winter/Christmas once in your life. Just once and you would have seen it all. But maybe more to see me (haha!).

Anyway the market we went to was in Gamla Stan aka the Old Town and it was probably the one most worth checking out because 1) It is in Gamla Stan 2) It is free (no lame entrance fee unlike Skansen). 3) You will find proper Swedish products, unlike the random one in the city center.

You can expect to find groups of school children singing to raise funds for their school event, lots of Christmas ornaments, Swedish products like jam, bread, candy and booths selling glögg (what else do Swedish people drink in December right?).

With that said, it is definitely fun to have such things to look forward to and it makes the dark and gloomy December much more…exciting.

Till the next time!





3 thoughts on “Julmarknad aka Christmas Market

  1. Hi,

    I am Filipina, just arrived in Sweden two weeks ago. I have two years residence permit thru sambo visa. I got my personummer last Friday and just waiting for my ID-kort. I am currently living in Södertälje now with my partner. Was it gard for you finding a job while you are still learning swedish? should i drop by in SFI and have myself registered while waiting for my skatteverket id? Your blog is very informative and fun. I would appreciate to hear from yoy soon


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