Swedapura’s Autumn Essentials

Coming from a tropical country with no seasons, I must say that this changing seasons has been quite a learning experience for me. I knew that the days were getting shorter and colder but I did not really know how to “get ready” for the new season. All I was told was…get ready for the most depressing month of your year. Haha!

Anyway, I decided to put together a list of things that I have either purchased over the last few weeks or have been using a lot of and would consider them my autumn/winter essentials!

I guess this post is highly irrelevant for anyone living in Singapore but if for some reason you find yourself having to go through Autumn for exchange for example, perhaps this would be useful.

1) Vitamin D pills: This was my first purchase because I knew that I would be getting less sun and would need some Vit D to help out. What I did not know was that I would be getting close to NO SUN at all. Anyway, I don’t know if it is pyschological but I do feel better eating a pill a day.


2) Gloves: As some of you may know, I cycle almost everyday and I always cycled without gloves until it got too cold to do so. Sometimes I even wake up to ice on my bike!

I decided to go for the most functional and cheap pair that I could find ($7 only!) and while they do not look the most “fashion forward”, they have been doing an awesome job by keeping my hands warm when I cycle.


3) More moisturizers: I have to admit that I got lazy over Summer with moisturizers but had to break them out again when my skin started…cracking. I also decided to buy a few new ones like the Origins overnight mask and the Crabtree and Evelyn hand cream.

This is probably one of my most hated things about the cold weather because the last thing I want to do after stepping out of a shower is to slap on cold moisturizer all over my body.


4) Cosy slippers: I am used to walking around barefoot at home but now that it is colder, I knew that I needed to get some cosy slippers/socks. It took me awhile to find the “right one” but finally settled on this one from ASOS because I had a discount code. Yes they are very cutesy but they do their job.


5) Wellies: This is my latest purchase because Sweden’s autumn is famous for rain and hence I wanted to be ready for it. These Hunter boots felt like just the perfect answer to making a rainy day suck less.


As a bonus, the most important item to me would be…a gym membership. I was initially quite hesitant to extend my gym membership because it would be a waste when I am back in Singapore in December but I am glad I did. Working out has been very helpful in keeping my energy levels up, especially when the sun goes down half an hour earlier everyday.

To everyone back home, I hope you are enjoying the sun and warmth and from cold and dark Sweden, I can finally say “See you soon!”

Till the next time!


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