Swedapura Goes to a Castle

Ahh, I have been away from this space for a little bit longer than I hoped but the past few weeks have been pretty hectic and I hardly had any time to sit down and blog. Anyway, thank you all for checking back every now and then and I have to say that Sweden has been treating me pretty well so far, in spite of the colder weather and lesser sunshine. Autumn is officially in full swing and the trees are a lovely 50 shades of orange.


One of the major highlights from the last weekend was a lovely weekend staycation at a castle outside of Stockholm, courtesy of Jens parents. As it was Jens’s birthday at the beginning of this month, his parents wanted to surprise him with a short getaway and they found this sweet deal which included a one night stay at the castle + 3 course dinner + Breakfast the next morning.


I wanted to keep it a surprise till the last minute so I only told Jens to pack an overnight bag and directed him to the castle with the help of Google maps. When the signs started pointing very obviously to “Häringe Slött”, Jens was in slight disbelief. He asked, “Is this where we are staying tonight?”


For anyone living in Stockholm and looking for a quick getaway, I would say that this is a really nice option. However I would only recommend it if you can get the weekend staycation deal because we were able to eat almost the cost of the stay with our meal choices at dinner. It was nice that we could select whatever we wanted to eat from the menu so being a typical Singaporean, I only looked at the expensive dishes. I was really pleased with my choice of Scallops for starters, Deer with kantarell (wild mushroom) cheesecake and an Ice cream cake for dessert.

This is a short video of us exploring the castle which I hope you would enjoy!

p.s. I will update Instagram with a few more photos because it was such an “instagrammable” place!

Till the next time!


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