Visit to Höstmarknad (Autumn Market)

Last weekend, Jens suggested that we pay a visit to a Höstmarknad (Autumn Market) and since I have never been to one, it was a new experience for me and hence I decided to take a video to capture the market better.

This autumn would be my first autumn in Sweden and it has been interesting noting what the change in season brings.


The weather turned out to be perfect for an outdoor market as the sun was out and it actually felt warm. The market was a bit smaller than what we expected but still jättemysigt (very cosy).


This is probably as close as I can get to a “Pasar Malam” here in Sweden. For non-Singaporean readers, a Pasar Malam is a night market that is usually set up in a neighbourhood and the highlight is always the food.


The video would probably showcase the market much better than my words. The highlight for me was getting to try Viltskav med kantareller (Deer meat with wild mushrooms) and having a waffle on a stick after. We did not buy any of the goods because the prices were very nice (hurhur) but it was nice to be able to look-see and taste some of them.

Click on this link to watch the video! 

Till the next time!


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