Swedapura goes to Norway (Part 1)

Ever since I started this space, I have been trying my very best to update at least once a week. This week I am slightly late because I was in Norway!

To be more exact (since Norway is so big), I was in Bergen – Voss – Flåm – Aurland. It was an extremely short and hectic trip but I thought I should share some pictures from the trip to showcase the beauty of Norway. My advice to anyone considering a trip to Norway is to skip Oslo and just head straight for the Fjords. Your money will be well spent, I promise.


This was one of my first main stops on my trip, the Stegastein Viewpoint. It is 650 metres above sea level, overlooking the fjord and mountains. For anyone that has a fear of heights (aka my mum), I don’t know if this would be your favourite spot because there is only a piece of glass that separates you from the view. It is truly truly breathtaking though and worth the very steep drive up.


One of the many pictures I took from the view point. I was there on a slightly more cloudy day but it was still lovely nonetheless.


We took a drive slightly further up where there was no glass separating us from the view and even though it was drizzling and there were strong winds, we stood there for quite a bit to soak in the view.


I stayed at Myrkdalen Hotel which is also a ski resort and I think it is one of the nicer hotels in the Fjords area. The hotels closer to the fjords are more historic and older so if you prefer a more modern and fresh hotel, I would say that this hotel is a good option. I have no complains at all waking up to this view!


The next main pit stop for my trip was the Flåm railway, touted as the most beautiful train journey in the world. It was about a one hour train ride up to the top from Flåm  to Myrdal.


Along the way, there was a photo stop at the Kjosfossen waterfall and I was there at a time where the sun was in a bad position but the point of the photo is the waterfall and the lady dancing in the background.

While the train ride was beautiful, I would have personally liked to have been hiking instead of being on the train because I felt like there was not enough time to enjoy the view. Anyone planning to visit should try to factor in some time for a hike (even if it is just from one train station to the other!).


Including this in just for fun because I can now say that I drank Voss water while in Voss. I don’t know what makes Voss water special because it tasted just like normal water, hahaha!


Finally ending with a cliche aeroplane shot but it is very nice to fly during sunset! I hope that this short post on Norway has piqued your interest in possibly visiting this beautiful country. I will be back with a part two in the weeks to come but in the mean time, have a great week ahead!


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