Kräftskiva in Sweden (Updated with Recipe)


It is crayfish party season in Sweden and I decided to jump on the bandwagon as well and DIY a Kräftskiva at home. I guess the only difference is that we did it with lots of food, skipped on the decorations and went easy on the alcohol.

The star dish of the party was the crayfish of course. I cooked it three days in advance so that the crayfish could sit in its broth and soak up all the salt/dill/beer.


The crayfish here is a lot smaller than what I am used to at home but the good thing is that it requires less complicated ingredients unlike our many spices/sauces that we usually use at home.

Just thought that it may be helpful to share the steps I took to prepare the crayfish (please tweak this recipe accordingly):

  1. Boil 1.5l of water with 1 can of stout, lots of dill, 1 dl of fling salt, 0.5dl of sugar and a squeeze of lemon.
  2. Give it a good stir and bring the broth up to a boil.
  3. Drop 8-10 crayfish in, cover the lid and cook for about 5-8mins. The crayfish would float to the top when ready.
  4. Take the crayfish out of the pot and dump it in cold water to stop the cooking.
  5. Repeat step 3 with the next batch of crayfish until you are done.
  6. Let the broth cool, pour it over the boiled crayfish, add more dill in the broth and store it in your fridge for at least 1-2 nights.
  7. To serve, lay it out on a dish and add some fresh lemon. Crayfish is best served with some creamy romsås and washed down with beer. Enjoy!

Another highlight of the night was this Västerbottenost Paj.


The funny story behind this cheese is that my cousin who lives in Hong Kong messaged me and asked if I have tried this cheese before. I started to read up about it because I did not know what it was and then realised that it was everywhere in the supermarket especially during this crayfish season! It is not particularly cheap but it made me so excited to try it. I think that it is pretty amazing that word of this cheese has travelled so far. This pie is apparently one of the ways to eat it, especially during a crayfish party.

Finally, I attempted this coconut raspberry mousse dessert to end the meal on a sweet note even though we were so stuffed after all that food.


For the fun of it, I decided to film some behind the scenes footage of the work that went behind this feast and even though there was a bit of mumbling and an awkward ending (because Jens is pretty camera shy), I hope you enjoy it! Click on this link to head over to my Youtube channel!


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