Celebrating SG50 in Sweden


On National Day aka 9th August, Jens and I were invited to Irene and Johan’s place for a feast. When we walked through their door, we were greeted with a very loud “MAJULAH!” from Johan. He was in this limited edition SG50 T shirt that they won in Changi Airport.

We streamed the parade live on TV and I actually thought that this year’s parade was really nice! I mean in general I do enjoy watching the parade every year, but some years can come off too tacky sometimes. It was so nice to listen to all the classic national day songs and to have so many Singaporean celebrities perform for this big day. It was a pity that the Red Lions did not get to jump but the other military display was still equally impressive, including the old school uniforms!

Now on to the feast! I tried my best to take nice food pictures to do justice to Irene’s food so here we go…

First up, we had fried bee hoon – a classic staple at most gatherings at home and one of the popular choices for breakfast/supper. I guess the only difference between this bee hoon and the bee hoon we get at home is that we use Swedish carrots here. I am sure my family would remember how much Jens raved about how good Swedish carrots are so…we are still waiting for all of you to come visit and try.

Bee Hoon

Homemade Otah – My family would probably know how much I love otah (especially mum). I don’t know what it is but there is something about this fish paste dish that is just so appetizing! I honestly did not expect to be able to eat this here so I was really happy.


Salted Egg Prawns – This salted egg is just pure magic. I am so amazed at how good it tastes both in desserts and with food!

Salted egg prawns

And finally the star dish of the day….


Chilli Crab

We probably couldn’t get any more Singaporean than this! Plus it was accompanied by Irene’s homemade mantou buns (which I think Jens and I ate most of). It was so good just dipping the buns into the sauce. Prima Taste is really legit as the flavour was spot on!

We ended the meal on a very refreshing note with this lime curry leaf parfait with pickled cucumber. It is not Singaporean but a very interesting Masterchef recipe. It sounds peculiar to have curry leaf in desserts but this was really good!


And in case you are wondering, Irene whipped up the entire meal for 5 people all by herself!

I also received a care package from home put together by my mum, sent to Moe and carried all the way here by Irene and Johan. Thank you so much to each and every one of you! Receiving things from home just feels so nice and I almost cannot bear to open most of them because I do not want to finish them. The only thing that has been quickly disappearing is the wasabi nuts of course, hahaha! I am guessing that even if I could get an endless supply, Jens will still be able to finish them all.


Hope everyone at home had a lovely weekend celebrating SG50!

Till the next time!


6 thoughts on “Celebrating SG50 in Sweden

  1. Hey Janice, I saw your packets of nestum and it reminded me of your holicks with oats that we kept drinking. Haha. Hope you’re doing well 🙂


    • Hi Aerin! Hahaha omg you have such good memory but yes I still really like it and it is so expensive here or always too close to expiry/expired at the store so bringing it in from SG direct is best:) So nice to hear from you! Hope you are doing well and if you ever miss Sweden…you are always welcome here for a visit. Even if you plan to drive from Singapore:) Hahaha!


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