Stockholm – Your next summer destination

This is the first time I am experiencing “warm weather” in Sweden as it is the first time (in three years) that I am here in July. I have to admit that I felt a bit insecure leaving home without a jacket initially but realised that there was really no need for one when I found myself perspiring so much. Happy to say that finally after three months, I can wear Singapore type outfits in Sweden. My jackets and boots are now stashed in my wardrobe and I can finally break out my skirts, dresses and flats.

I felt compelled to a wonderful post on why Sweden/Stockholm should be your next summer destination so here goes…


#1 Fresh air and blooming flora and fauna: The air is very fresh here so when the sun is out, all you would want to do is take nice long walks outdoors and breathe in as much of it as possible. It is also very green everywhere now (the plants are slightly wilder as compared to Spring months) but at least the flowers are still blooming so it is a pretty sight.


#2 You can meet happier Swedes: Overall the mood is very cheery all around as Swedes seem to have a different energy during the summer. Perhaps it is the sun or finally getting a taste of ice cream after many cold months or the mysigt (cosy) bbqs they start anywhere and everywhere or…just being one with nature? It could be a combination of everything but it is nice to see everyone much happier.


#3 You can take a dip in open waters: The water around Stockholm is known to be really clean and it is just perfect when it finally gets warm enough to swim in. Forget the indoor heated pools, swimming out in the lakes is the real deal.

I have to admit that it is a bit of a challenge for me to swim in open waters because nobody really swims in the sea in Singapore and we don’t have lakes so…I am most comfortable in a swimming pool. But the waters here is really inviting and definitely worth a dip even if you don’t venture too far from the platform like me. Plus the water here is not salty!


If clearer water is your thing, there is this lovely Blue Lagoon (Blå Lagunen) where you can actually see your fingers and toes underwater.

I managed to venture further from the shore this time but not without making sure that Jens was within arm’s length from me.


#4 You will have nice OOTD backdrops: For the instagram addicts, you know you will get nice OOTD backdrops even if it doesn’t really make sense for anyone to be fully clothed and knee deep in a blue lagoon (Hahaha yes I judge myself sometimes).


#5 We can hang out together: Finally, and of course most importantly, we can all hang out together and enjoy the nice weather together!

I may need to also insert a disclaimer now that many summer days in Sweden also come with rain and clouds but because Sweden is not usually a first choice for summer vacations, you won’t get haggled like crazy by random vendors while chilling out by the water. Sooo…see you all next year!

Till the next time!


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