Shopping at Gekås, Ullared

During our week in Jens’s hometown, we did pay a visit to Gekås in Ullared to stock up on household supplies and any other random needs. The awesome thing about this place is that you know that you would get best prices for whatever you buy there so you just need to know what you want to buy.

Gekas Ullared

I wanted to film and/or take pictures during our visit this time because I thought that it would be interesting for anyone who loves supermarkets (hi jie and goryee!) BUT Jens was like, “Janice, we only have a few hours so you need to prioritize”. So I tried my best to multitask but judging from the length of the video and the amount of photos taken, my time and attention was mostly on shopping hehe.

Gekas Ullared Inside

Swedes have a lot of jokes about this place but to me, at long as I am saving money on stuff, I am happy. I could totally imagine Goryee telling me the price difference to up the shiok factor but I did take a walk around a regular supermarket after to check out the prices of the same stuff we bought at Gekås and was feeling very pleased about our good buys.


The important thing about shopping at this place is to have a shopping list so that you avoid getting overwhelmed and anything extra you see along the way is a…bonus.

Pizza Candy

I don’t know if I could go so far as to say that they sell everything there but it sure feels like they do. They had everything we needed from household supplies to sports clothes to cheap socks to…a pizza made of candy?! I would have probably bought this for Andrew and Caity if I could give it to them but since I can’t so…here is a picture of it instead?

Gekas Ullared Shoes

They have other outlet stores in the area if you feel like you didn’t shop enough at Gekås and dining options to fill your tummies. You will find out what we ate and what happens to Jens after a shopping trip when you watch this video.

Till the next time!


4 thoughts on “Shopping at Gekås, Ullared

  1. Welcome to the club!! Feels good right, when you score a deal !! I ask ur mum how did she manage to shop in US without me haha,,, she say ” just buy lah “


  2. We love supermarkets. Goryee is good when comes to shopping in supermarket. When we go jb I just follow behind her and see what she buy… Haha…. I had a good time in supermarkets in auzzie and Washington. Hopefully the next will be in Sweden or LA. Take care. Love 2 yi


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