Midsommar 2015 in Sweden

Midsummer is one of the bigger holidays in Sweden that is usually celebrated with lots of food, some dancing and quite a bit of alcohol. This was my second time celebrating this holiday, the first time being three years ago during my first visit to Jens’s hometown. We had a pretty mild celebration this year and it was mostly captured on video so scroll down for the link to the video!

First up, we had a huge Midsummer lunch at Jens Aunt’s house and it took us soooo long to get there because everyone was on the road and we had to crawl at 20km/h on the expressway. Was slightly amazed that it was SO SLOW even though there were no accidents on the road.


Anyway, I would say that there is not much difference between an Easter, Midsummer and Christmas meal BUT during Midsummer, there is a lot more SILL on the table. There were so many different styles of sill on the table and because I am not a fan of sill, I skipped most of it (hahaha!). I almost gave their sill “cake” a miss but decided to take a small portion with less sill and…it was actually good! I even went back for seconds! I think it helped that there was a lot of creamy sauce, onions and bread so the slimy sill taste was not so strong. Surprisingly, even though Jens likes to eat sill, he didn’t enjoy the cake so much.

The other must have during a Midsummer meal are strawberries! They were nice on their own but sweet loving Swedes would then spam sugar/cream/ice cream to make it even better.

Finally, there was a lot more alcohol on the table and apart from the usual cider and light beer, there was snaps as well. They are 36% flavoured alcoholic shots that the Swedes would skål (cheers) to. I don’t really know why they drink snaps randomly throughout the meal but it felt polite to try a shot, hahaha!

This was our Midsummer OOTD taken by Arne (Jens’s dad):


I learnt from my first Midsummer experience that this is when girls break our their “summer” dresses so I made sure I packed a dress for the occasion. The last time I was the only girl in shorts!

Flowers are also a big part of Midsummer and while I didn’t wear a flower crown this year, there was a nice pot of flowers on the table from the Marklund garden.


For part 2 of the day, we went over to Markus’s (Jens friend) house for a 5 challenge competition. We played different traditional Swedish games out in his backyard and I was obviously at a huge disadvantage since I did not grow up playing the games but it was still fun anyway.


This is the midsummer pole that Swedish people would dance around during their celebration and one of the songs is quite cute as they would pretend to be frogs. Again, I don’t really know the meaning of it and I am quite sure the Swedes don’t either. Hahaha!


Here is the video of our day. See if you can spot some of the Swedish Midsummer traditions! Also as a bonus, here is an extra clip of video of my week in Jens’s hometown which I didn’t edit in time for my last blog post.

Till the next time!


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