Summer in the Swedish Countryside

This week is Jens’s first week of summer holidays and we are back in his hometown for a week. Here are some of the things that we have been up to:

1) Hanging out with animals – My current animal obsession are cows. It used to be horses but they are a bit boring now and cows would stare at you if you stare at them. Plus the calves are super cute!


2) Hanging out under the sun – I am slightly mad at myself for not packing a single pair of shorts because I was not expecting it to be THAT warm so I have been living out of the same $8.50 H&M sundress everyday. Yes, I am capable of rewearing my clothes without washing, hahaha!

I did remember to bring these summer sandals along with me which have been really practical. Anyway, I am just happy to be able to chill out in the backyard under the sun (most days). Since I am still working, I would bring my laptop outdoors as well since the Marklund’s wifi connection extend beyond their house (thankfully!).


3) Eating outdoors – Slightly ironic that this is a novelty but it does feel nice. The air is really fresh now and eating outdoors also means that I get a break from breathing in Zimba’s fur (Jens bro’s cat). One thing that I have learnt this trip is that I am allergic to cats. After one day in the house, my eyes were itching, my skin broke out with rashes and my nose couldn’t stop running. I regretted not bringing any medicine with me but the cat is now banned from the room and it hates me because of that.


Picture from a BBQ I had in the backyard with the Marklund family:


4) Attending a birthday party – Jens’s childhood friend Lennart turned 24 and we attended a birthday party at his house where I sang the Swedish birthday song for the first time live (cheap thrill I know). His family is vegetarian so it was interesting eating Swedish vegetarian food. Lennart’s mum baked two types of pies and there was an assortment of vegetable dishes. Am glad they still eat seafood, eggs and cheese so it wasn’t pure vegetables. I skipped on the seafood pie cos it had prawns but the boys loved it so it must have been good.


We then went out to the backyard to play a little. This trampoline is something I would love to have if I ever have a garden. It was so much fun and a really good workout I must say.

Jens was kind enough to agree to my “take picture for me please” request and took some pretty cool pictures which you may have already seen on instagram. He has learnt to spam so that I can choose one out of the 100 he takes. Hahaha!


Inserting this slightly poor quality photo because 1) It is our only picture with the birthday boy (third from left) and 2) Selfie sticks have reached the shores of Sweden (oh the horror!).


5) Exercising outdoors – We have also been going out for runs and Jens also cycled a bit, while I pillion behind hehe. It has been really nice working out outdoors and I have been feeling more motivated to work out more although Jens thinks I run too slow (haha whatever!).

6) Watching an orienteering competition – If you followed my Sweden updates last time, you may remember that I did an orienteering course in Halmstad with Jens and this week there was a competition in his hometown.


It is a serious competition and quite interesting to watch. Plus even young children could get involved! One of the control stations was in water and I felt so sorry to see them running into the cold water. Was a bit annoyed to see an older man push a younger boy to get past him.


Anyway, that was a quick summary of some of the things that we have been up to this week. Here is a short video of our week. Will update more soon!

Till the next time!


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