First BBQ of the Summer

Two weekends ago, we had the first BBQ of the summer. Irene and I had Prima Taste Satay Packs from Singapore so we decided to give them a try and I prepared pork satay while she made chicken satay.

Satay 2

Our verdict is that these Prima Taste Satay packs deserve a 10/10. They were so tasty and legit. Plus extra points for being so easy to make.

I would say that you could use more meat than the 350g specified on the pack as there is more than enough sauce to go around. I managed to make about 60 sticks with two packets but would definitely make more next time!


While waiting for the food to cook, we took…photos!

BBQ 2L-R: Lier, Emil, Irene and Johan. 

Here is our complete Satay spread. As you can see, we really went all out to make it as legit as possible. If you are interested to know how Irene made the Ketupat, you can check out the recipe she followed here.

Satay 1

Jens built a mini bonfire for us so we could roast our marshmallows for Smores. I must admit that I have little patience for this so I ended up eating a lot of the marshmallows Jens roasted instead.


This area looks so different from when Jens and I were there during my birthday weekend 6 weeks ago. I must say I love the lush greenery!


Ending this post with a group photo and…


Another video! (Click on link to watch) I must say I am on a bit of a roll but please excuse the shaky bits.

Till the next time!


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