Celebrating Sweden’s National Day in Karlsborg

6th June is Sweden’s National Day and this year I went to Karlsborg (Sweden’s Reserve Capital) to join in the festivities with Jens’s parents.

National day 2

It was my first time in Karlsborg and the funny thing is that most Swedes don’t even know where this town is!

National Day 3

 I had to pose with some of the military equipment to show my dad (hahaha!). Plus fun fact, Jens just learnt how to drive this vehicle. I don’t really know what to say about it other than the fact that it is HUGE.

National Day 4

The day was complete with a typical Swedish lunch of course. They had two options of meat and I went for both because 1) buffet and 2) I am Singaporean. I preferred the meatballs to the pork fillet handsdown.

Swedish Meatballs

The main reason why I was in Karlsborg of course.


By the end of the day I had crazy crazy hair thanks to the wind and wondered why I bothered to Miracurl my hair at 6am in the morning.

National Day 5

But anyway, I tried my best to vlog my day since I learnt that my niece and nephew are into videos. Hi Caity and Andrew, since you guys cannot read yet, here you go.


Till the next time!


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