Asian Steamboat Dinner

Steamboat Balls

Two weekends ago, Irene organised a Steamboat/Hotpot dinner at her house and it has been something that we have been talking about for quite awhile so I was so excited when it finally happened. It ended up being a Swedish/Asian couple dinner thing and I was joking with Jens that we were finally like a “normal couple” who have “couple friends”. Hahaha #cheapthrill.

Steamboat Meat

Irene was so kind to pick up all the food at the Asian store and it is really good that they have everything we need to make the steamboat possible.

We Asians love our steamboat and apparently so do the Swedish men at the dinner! Steamboat could possibly become a “thing” here in Sweden.


Jens was the happiest of course since the last time he had steamboat was at my house last year when he came to Singapore. Thanks mum, he still remembers it.

Mushroom Soup

For anyone who knows the popular steamboat chain “Hai Di Lao”, you would probably be surprised to know that they sell their soup bases in packets. We chose their mushroom and mala base.

The mushroom base soup was for the Swedes of course since they have such a strong aversion to spice.

Mala Soup

It was such a goooood meal and our tummies were so satisfied. In fact looking at these pictures just make me want to eat it again!

And now, introducing the dinner party for the night…

The Boys

Starting with the Swedes (L-R): Julian, Johan and Jens.

The Girls

And the Asians (L-R): Me, Irene and Taylor.

We are quite the international bunch so it was so interesting how the rest of the night panned out with Korean drinking games taught by Taylor (and Julian), Russian vodka from Johan’s brother and Swedish Daim ice cream Jens and I brought to the party. It was also a night filled with a confusing but fun mix of Swedish, English, Chinese and Korean.

To round off the night, we had a Swedish rendition of Wonder Girls “Please be my baby“. You could watch the original version before you watch the Swedish version here:


(Click on picture above or this link to watch. Preferably in HD, hahaha!)

Also, in case you are wondering how Swedish people say bye…


I don’t understand.

Till the next time!


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