Nature Walk with the Marklunds

Two weekends ago, when Jens’s parents were here in Stockholm, we went on a walk near Görvälns slott. It was a beautiful day to be out as it was warm and sunny. I may seem to say this quite often on the blog but I must clarify that most days are usually quite cloudy/dreary/windy here in Sweden.


Jens is quite the poser, I know. Hahaha!


A lot of the flowers have started to bloom so it is really very pretty everywhere. This looked like a white cherry blossom (i think!) and a good selfie opportunity.


We came to a spot near the water and Jens immediately got himself comfortable. I am not quite the type to enjoy lying in the sun so I went to explore the rocks and play with the mimosas. Also received a kind reminder from Gun not to fall into the water along the way, hehe.


First thing I saw was “LEEROX”. Shall leave it as that.


Afternoon Marklund family meeting. Don’t ask me what they were saying, I wouldn’t know.


After basking in the sun for awhile, we continued on the walk and I was expecting it to be similar to the walks that I would go on with Jens in his hometown but little did I know that I would end up having a mini feast through the woods.

I have to admit that I was very hesitant at first to pop the leaves/fruits/flowers that they were so enthusiastically putting into my hands because I was not sure if they were trying to pull my leg. However, after seeing them eat it too, I realised they were not kidding.

The light green buds in the picture above are edible BUT you have to find “ripe” ones. It is very fresh but unripe ones taste like sand in your mouth. Thanks to Jens I had to spit one out cos it was too “raw”.


This was one of my favourites and it is called “Rabbit Acid” in English. Apparently it is one of the first leaves the rabbits would eat in Spring and I don’t know how to describe the flavour other than it being slightly sweet.


I also tried a blueberry flower. I couldn’t taste much from this one but it was suppose to be sweet as well.

Then came the fear factor moment when Gun came up to me and was like, “You must try this! It will be your favourite!”

And she was talking about…



To me, ants have always been that annoying pest that always invades my food at home and gross me out. Little did I expect to eat a live ant one day. Apparently the butts of these ants have a sap that tastes like sweet lime and in the past, poor people who didn’t have much food to eat would spread butter on bread, collect these ants and eat it.

Gun showed me how to eat it and then helped me look for another one to try. Eventually she found one, held its head and told me to take a bite of its butt. You can eat the whole ant if you want to but she said that it may/will bite. True enough, there was a burst of sweet lime when I bit into the butt and now I can finally say that I ate an ant’s butt.


We completed the rest of the walk after and came across this field of yellow flowers. Jens tried to be romantic and plucked one for me. Umm, thanks? Hahaha!


It is cool that all the Marklunds are very knowledgeable about nature so I learnt quite a bit that day. This for example is a huge mushroom that grows on trees. This one was unfortunately plucked out by someone.

Finally as a grand finale, I present to you…

Swedish Grass Mafia 

(Click on link or picture to view)


Till the next time!


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