Visit to Gröna Lund

We went to Gröna Lund, an amusement park in Stockholm, when Jens was back from work. It was not the best day to be out but I am glad we paid a visit!

When we hopped off the tram, the first thing we saw was the ABBA museum and Didi and I decided to pretend to be a member. I think I look awful blonde, hahaha!


Gröna Lund only opened at 3pm that day so we had to wait awhile before we could enter. Even though we started so late in the day, we had more than enough time to cover all the rides and even went back for another round for the ones we liked.


I did not take many photos of the rides we went on but my favourite was this “Insane” Ride that was very similar to the Green Lantern at Six Flags Magic Mountain but more thrilling cos it is so near the water.

My second favourite ride was the Free Fall Tilt which neither of them wanted to take with me initially but thankfully Jens agreed eventually. Even though it was scary, it was really very exhilarating.

This was us on the non-tilt version:

Free Fall

We also took kiddy rides like this love boat thing that was so boring and only fun because we were pushing ourselves along the “river”. It is nice though that they had a good mix of kiddy and adult rides. Would love to bring my niece and nephew here!

Boat Ride

Didi was also into playing the games but sadly we didn’t manage to win any toy!


While waiting for Zara Larsson to come on stage, we had some ice cream and I still remember 3 years ago on a sunny afternoon in Liseberg, we had this really awesome ice cream with all my favourite ice cream in a cone. Gröna Lund had a similar ice cream waffle thing called the Tivoli Waffle where you get 3 scoops of ice cream, 1 soft serve and 1 topping.

It was too cold for so much ice cream so I just went for a single serve of soft serve with tutti frutti topping!

Ice Cream

We ended off our day with Zara Larsson who was really good live! Funny enough even though we only knew 1-2 of her songs, we were so close to the front of the stage.

Zara Larsson

I wish I filmed more that day but here is a super short snippet (on Youtube) of our afternoon at Gröna Lund: Click on this link to watch.

Till the next time!


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