Shopping at Stockholm Quality Outlet

Today’s post is about our visit to the Stockholm Quality Outlet. Funny enough this is one of the rare times we go shopping together even though we have been friends for so long but I think we make good shopping buddies!

We started off the day by fueling our tummies with meatballs and potato mash at IKEA.

Didi at IKEA

We did not have high expectations of the outlet mall since Sweden is not known to be a shopping paradise. Hence I would say that it was just a place we had to go at least once to see what it is like.

Stockholm Quality Outlet

Didi has been the guinea pig this trip (since I am as much of a tourist in Stockholm as she is) but we did have a lot of fun exploring new places together.

Outlet Shopping 1

Most of the brands at the mall did not appeal to us but I think it is a good place to buy household supplies IF you are into branded goods. For me, IKEA is good enough so no need for Tefal or Le Creuset.

Outlet Shopping 2

It is a nice place for kids though, with something to entertain them while their parents shop.


It was suppose to be a cloudy day but it ended up being super sunny and nice so we could have fika outdoors.

Fika Wayne Coffee

Anyway, we did not get anything from the outlet mall in the end except for food but thankfully there were other megastores in the area for us to check out and we did end up with a mini shopping haul.

Shopping Haul

I must say that shopping with your girlfriend is always more fun! We even stopped in the middle of the road for a photo opportunity with the beautiful flowers.

Spring Flowers

We ended of the day by filming a mini shopping haul video for fun so here is our first attempt at vlogging:

Shopping Haul

Till the next time!


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