Stockholm Challenge 2015

Over the weekend, Didi, Jens and I took on the Stockholm Challenge organised by a member from the Stockholm Netball Team. It was something which I thought would be fun to do apart from the usual sightseeing. However it also meant that we had to do a lot of things that were out of our comfort zone like…talking to strangers.

Here are some of the challenges that we did:

1) Team photo in front of our favourite Stockholm scenery which I guess for us was just being by the water.

Team Swedapura

2) Taking over a hot dog stand.

Hot Dog Stand

3) Busking in front of an audience or rather…getting this kind family to look at us while we take a photo.


4) Swopping clothes with a stranger who was thankfully game enough to put on girly shades and loan his skater gear.

Clothes Swop

5) Giving out free hugs to this cute family of three.

Free Hugs

6) Making a Queen’s chair for a stranger.

Queen's Chair

7) Skate under the bridge at Rålambshovsparken.


8) Ride a Dala Horse.

Dalarna Horse

9) Fika at Starbucks (which is so not Swedish but nevermind, hahaha).

Starbucks Fika

It was finally over at 5pm and we headed back to the bar we started out from. We didn’t do great but it was fun overall doing these random challenges together. Quite sure Jens won’t agree to this ever again but thankfully Didi was so sporting!

Jens n Jan

Till the next time!


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