Visit to The Royal Palace (Kungliga Slottet)

Look who made her way to Stockholm, Sweden!

Didi in Gamla Stan

Didi flew in to Sweden for a week long spontaneous holiday before she starts on her new job. It was so nice to be in such good company again and to welcome my first guest at the apartment.

Here is a brief overview of our visit to the Royal Palace/Stockholm Palace:

Hall of State

We bought our tickets at about 2.30pm so we only had time for one guided tour at 3pm as the palace closes at 4pm. The tickets, which costs 150sek (S$24), grants you entry to 3 areas and is valid for a week so you can return to visit the areas you have not seen but you cannot revisit the areas you have entered.

We took the tour of the apartments and it started in the Hall of State where important parliament meetings used to be held but as the King of Sweden no longer has any political powers, the largest room in the palace is now used for special events like the Crown Princess‘s first public speech at 18.

State Apartments

We were then brought around to the different rooms that were formerly guards rooms, Royalty bedrooms, meeting rooms etc but they don’t look like living quarters anymore as some of the rooms are used for special occasions. Every room was decorated differently though and a lot more ornate than the typical Scandinavian style.

Swedish Royal Palace Ceiling

The ceilings were also all painted with murals that told a story. Most of the stories revolved around reflecting values that the Royalty should uphold.

The White Sea Ballroom

This is the White Sea Ballroom that would be used for the upcoming Royal wedding this June so it was good that we got to see it before they closed it for preparations.

Art Exhibition

There was also an art exhibition in one of the rooms that we didn’t really have time to appreciate other than to take a quick snap.

It was quite cool to know that most of the rooms we got to visit were still in use today and that the Royal family was in fact in the other wing of the palace working. We also learnt that most of the palace would soon be closed for the upcoming State visit by India’s president and the upcoming Royal wedding of Prince Carl Philip and Sofia Hellqvist.

Espresso House Fika

We slipped in a short Fika break in between our touristy adventure around Stockholm Central and it was a pity that the mudcake was a disappointment but at least the coffee was good!

Nande and Didi

More “Nande and Didi Adventures in Stockholm” to come!

Till the next time!


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