DIY Pizza

Pizza Kit

Over the long weekend, Jens and I bought a pizza kit from ICA that came with a roll of dough and a bottle of sauce. We got it at a discount at 20 sek (S$3) and it claimed to be for 3-4 persons.

Pre Bake Pizza

After we rolled out the dough, we realised that it was a good size for…two. I don’t think my appetite has grown since I got here so I would say that the packaging is a lie.

Post Bake Pizza

After 15 minutes in the oven, our pizza was ready!

Hungry Jens

This is Jens going, Can I eat now? Hahaha!

Overall I would say that it is super easy to make and very tasty as well. It was nice to wash it all down with a beer which made me think of my dad (Hi Dad!).

Hungry Jan

Now with a growing confidence in the kitchen, hopefully our next attempt would see us making our own pizza dough.

Till the next time!


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