Hello Curved TV

I thought it would be fun to blog about the latest addition to our apartment which is the first big item that is a…non essential. Previously when shopping for the apartment, Jens always reminded me to focus on things that we really needed versus what we wanted. He is really good in that sense because I get so easily distracted by random things.

Now that we have all our “essentials” like our pots/pans, sofa, bed etc in place, we can think about what else we would like in our apartment and I guess a TV was the most obvious choice because we have 100 TV channels included in our rental lease and an empty TV shelf in our living area.

Media Markt

We went to three stores – Elgiganten, Media Markt and Webhallen before we came to a decision. It was good that Jens could speak to the different salesmen and get some advice on which TV to buy.

Samsung TV 3

At Elgiganten, the salesman was pushing Jens to get this “bra pris” (good price) Ultra HD TV but we found that the staff we met at Media Markt gave us a more balanced perspective on what to look for in a TV.

A fun fact for anyone looking to buy a TV is that a lot of shows are not made in Ultra HD yet so you won’t get to enjoy that functionality till that happens.

Samsung TV 1

Thanks to Pricerunner, we ended up going home with a 55″ Samsung Curved Smart TV from Webhallen at the best price and saved about 3000 SEK (approximately 462 SGD)! I think we secured the last piece of this model at the store because I don’t see the deal on Webhallen or Pricerunner anymore so we were really happy about it. It was also really big (and heavy) but I am glad it fit into Jens’s car perfectly.

Samsung TV 2

We were both so amused because we started our shopping trip simply looking for a decent sized TV that displayed good graphics. We really didn’t care for all the frills but ended up with a TV that was full of frills just because it came at a very good price and was in fact even cheaper than a normal, flat, non “smart” TV.

I still don’t quite understand the point of a curved screen apart from the fact that it looks quite cool but no complains really. As you can see, I was more excited by the fact that I could fit inside the TV box while Jens was busy setting up the TV.

3D Glasses

Another fun thing is that it came with these 3D glasses that I don’t foresee us using much.

Samsung TV

So tada! Here it is and here is one of the TV channels that I watch. This is Disney Junior that is dubbed in Swedish and I guess that is where my Swedish level is at right now.

To any future guests, we now have a sofa bed and a huge TV that would make for a rather comfy stay in my opinion. The one person whom I know would probably appreciate this the most is Jean, hahaha!

Anyway, yes I did just write an entire blog post on a TV but only because it is quite exciting for me as my brother was always the one who looked after the electronics at home. I know I called the TV a non essential but now that I have one, I have to consciously tell myself to switch it off or I will end up watching too much.

Till the next time!


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