Picnic in the woods

As Jens was away for work during my birthday, we had a mini celebration of sorts during the weekend and I specially requested for a picnic outdoors. It was so nice that Jens did everything he could to make the weekend special.


The morning started off with the typical Swedish birthday tradition of breakfast in bed and a Swedish birthday song. In case you are wondering how the Swedish birthday song sounds like, here is a video you can watch since Jens didn’t allow me to record his singing, hahaha! A short translation of the song is that you are wishing the person to live to a hundred years.

Picnic 1

Jens then prepared the picnic food he bought the day before. Got to give him extra brownie points for going supermarket shopping on his own while I was out and putting together a typical picnic meal.

Key Lime Cheesecake

We then took out the Key Lime Cheesecake we baked together the night before for some photos. We were so happy that it was a success and really close to the Cheesecake Factory’s version which we always order whenever we ate there.

Key Lime Cheesecake 2

Jens also picked out an unconventional friend for me which he describes as “more practical than flowers”. So now I have a new touch-me-not plant whom I have since randomly named Tamagotchi because of one of our conversations.

In the woods 3

We headed out to this nice picnic spot that Jens found near our apartment. I don’t quite know how to describe the place but it is a place where people can run/hike/cycle, it is also near the water where you can sunbathe/swim during summer, animals do graze the fields at times and it is also a good place for camping.

In the woods 5

I was so amused by these step ladders we had to climb over because we don’t see such things in Singapore but they were put in place to prevent the animals from crossing certain boundaries.

Picnic 2


We wondered around the area a bit before settling at a wooden table and bench which was near this campfire area. I can already imagine how lovely it would be to have a BBQ out here in the summer. We had a lovely meal of sandwiches, cheesecake, biscuits and saft (the swedish version of cordial/squash).

In the woods 1

In the woods 2

We took turns to take photos after we were done eating and our favourite spot was this huge fallen oak tree. Sometimes I find myself having to stop and take it all in that this IS where I live now. I truly wish that everyone at home would be able to make a trip here at least once so that we can enjoy the beauty of Sweden together.

In the woods 4

We also climbed a tree for fun and it was hilarious trying to get down. It was almost as if we were doing a team building challenge no one asked us to do.


Before we left, I plucked some vitsippa (a Spring flower) which sadly wilted on our way home because it is really fragile. It is really nice though that the grass patches are littered with these white flowers now and it makes me happy just looking at them.

Thank you Jens for everything. Till the next time!


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