Weekend Getaway to Copenhagen

It is quite early to go on a getaway but I could not pass on the chance to meet up with my cousin Laura when I knew that she was going to be flying up to Copenhagen for the weekend. It is great that there are really good train connections between Sweden and Denmark so I was able to make my way to Copenhagen pretty quickly and cheaply.

For anyone between 20-26, the Swedish regional train (SJ) has “Youth” tickets which are 30% cheaper than adult rates and I have been enjoying these cheaper tickets while I still can!

Copenhagen Hotel

After a slight hiccup with the bus tickets, I managed to make my way to the hotel that Laura was staying at. How outstanding is this 27 storey building in an otherwise low rise building country? It was so cool that I could spot it from a few miles away while on the bus.

For anyone planning on visiting Denmark, it is good to carry some Danish crowns around to pay for your bus ticket. You usually can get away with your card most of the time in Sweden, but in Denmark, cash is a good option. The only annoying thing is that they have many coins (which are heavier than Singapore’s coins in my opinion) so having a coin pouch which you could just empty every time you want to pay for something is good.


After a short rest in the hotel, we took to the streets of Copenhagen where we wandered around the city center. The service at the hotel was really good and they were so patient to help us “plan” our day.

Danish Pastries

The highlight of the day for me was the Danish pastries! Ironically it took us quite awhile to find the bakeries because it seemed easier to find ice cream shops and crepe stalls than the bakeries. A chain that is really easy to find is Lagkagehuset and there are quite a few around the city area. The staff were so friendly and patient to give us recommendations and also explained to us the different types of bread that they had. Don’t you want to just buy them all?

As with most Scandinavian countries, it is important to pull a number to get in the queue. Usually most stores follow a number system so you will get called when it is your number. Funny enough, even when there is no one in the queue, you should still pull a number from the machine because they are so systematic like that.

Sakura 2

The next day we hunted down these pretty cherry blossom trees in Bispebjerg Kirkegård. Again the hotel staff was so helpful to help us plan the bus route there and even got us the 24 hour bus ticket for about S$16 each which allowed us to take unlimited train/bus/boat rides in the city.


It was quite a challenge finding these trees initially because it is actually in a cemetery area and we didn’t want to be disrespectful by asking around because we knew that some people were there to pay their respects. We randomly followed the crowd and eventually got to the place. It was pretty cool that because we stalked the place on Instagram the night before, we had an idea of what the place should look like.

We spent a good amount of time taking lots of pictures and walking up and down the canopy of flowers. It was so beautiful but would definitely be a lot prettier with less people around. For best photo opportunity, go as early as possible!

Street Food 4

We worked up quite a bit of appetite and were happy that our next stop was the Copenhagen Street Food. We took a boat ferry across the river and walked from the Opera house to the Street Food area.

It was a bit like Pasarbella where there are many different stalls selling food from different parts of the world. It was really cute how they would put in the effort to decorate their stalls and were also kind enough to have both English and Danish descriptions of their food.

Street Food 2

We shared a Brazilian mixed meat platter and a Pulled pork burger. The mixed meat platter would definitely be well received by a meat lover and great if paired with a beer. I don’t know if I would order it again because of the lack of sauce but I would definitely order the burger again!

Street Food 3

This was really da bomb. I don’t know if it was the sauce or the spice or just everything together but it was so good. It was so messy to eat but worth the mess. It was nice that we enjoyed such good weather during our time in Copenhagen so we could actually sit outdoors and eat.

It was a short trip but a nice time to be in Copenhagen. Thanks Lau for the company and sharing the perks that come with your job. I left with a good supply of snacks and drinks for my trip back to Stockholm, hahaha.

Till the next time!


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