Asian Food in Stockholm

Food is such an important part of the Singaporean culture and I am so thankful that I have a friend here who shares the joy of eating spicy, flavourful food. I got to know Irene through a Swedish class in Singapore and because she moved over to Stockholm earlier than me, she knows the city much better than I do.

We met up in the city on one of her off days and we had lunch at Pong, an Asian buffet restaurant in Stockholm.

Pong Asian

For S$15 you get free flow starters like salad (both asian and western types), a variety of hot dishes to go with rice or noodles, an assortment of sauces and some fruits to complete the meal. I would say that it is really worth it for the quantity of food you get but in terms of flavour, it is definitely more catered for western tastebuds. Because we don’t get any spicy chilli to go with our food, adding peanut sauce (jordnötssås) is really comforting for me because it reminds me of…Gado Gado. Hahaha!

After walking around town for a bit, Irene brought me to this really awesome Asian supermarket and even though I didn’t plan to buy anything, I couldn’t resist grabbing some stuff.

Here is what S$43 got me:

Asian Food 1

It honestly isn’t much but it is nice to have some Asian food at hand. My favourite buy so far has got to be the sambal chilli sauce which is something like our Macdonald’s garlic chilli but spicier. I haven’t tried the red chillis yet but I hope they are spicy!

The only other thing I have tried so far is the kimchi and it is a bit of a let down because it doesn’t taste like the kimchi my mum usually buys. Plus Jens thinks it looks like a science experiment!

Finally, I made my first Asian dish in my kitchen and it was this Butter Chicken Paste that Davis gave me before I left. Thankfully it was really easy to make and I think I managed to whip up a decent dish that looks like the picture.

Butter Chicken

I have since made kimchi fried rice too with leftover rice and meat but no pictures of it because it is not very photogenic.

So yes, while this is nothing like the hawker food we get at home, this is the closest I can get to feeling closer to home. Anyone with (easy) food recipes for me to try please let me know!

Till the next time!


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