The Swedish Countryside

Sunset in Sweden 2

Our Easter Weekend in Sätila

After spending the week battling Stockholm traffic, catching up on work, hunting for an apartment, running around doing paper work, it was nice to finally get a breather and pay a visit to Jens’s hometown. No matter how many times I visit this place (this was my 4th time to be exact), the Swedish countryside still takes my breath away.

Sweden Lake

Spring Sweden

We were really blessed with good weather during our time there. In fact, I was pretty overdressed with my boots and sweater because it was snowing when I left Stockholm so I had to layer up. In spite of the fact that I have only left Singapore for such a short period of time, I cannot describe how happy it makes me feel to be out in the sun.

It is slightly ironic because I hide from the sun most of the time in Singapore but I guess it is different here where the warmth, as Jens puts it, is just perfect. It is warm enough to walk around without a jacket (for awhile) but not so warm that you start perspiring.

I can’t believe I am talking so much about the weather but I guess sunny days in Sweden do not come often and as a rule of thumb, in a social context, you will never go wrong talking about the weather in Sweden.

Sweden Forest

On Saturday, we went to the seaside in Aröd to visit Jens mum’s childhood swimming spot. We walked across a broken wooden bridge to get to this little island made up of large rocks.

Sweden Sea

Coming from a country where the best beach is…Sentosa, it was really a beautiful place to spend summer days. It was my first time seeing fresh mussels being picked from the sea, crushed and then thrown back into the sea to lure the crabs out from their home. It was a pity that we didn’t get to see any crabs but seeing the fresh mussels was exciting enough for me. Next time I will remember my sambal, hahaha.

Fresh Swedish Mussels

Mussels in Sweden

So thankful for this short respite in the peaceful countryside, in the company of Jens and his family. The unblocked view of the sunset, the fresh air, the peace and quiet will be missed.

Sunset in Sweden

Till the next time!


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