Oh Swedapura

Growing up, I never dreamt about living anywhere else other than Singapore. Singapore is and will always be home for me. It is where my childhood memories were made, where my family, friends and loved ones live, it is where I feel safe, secure and comfortable.

Meeting Jens three years ago changed things. It didn’t happen overnight but after a very long period of waiting/praying, I have done what I never thought I would ever have the guts to do. I squeezed my belongings into three bags, left behind the familiarity and comfort of home and travelled thousands of miles away from home to start a new life in Sweden.

Jens and Jan

Swedapura = Sweden + Singapura

This new space is where I hope to be able to share a part of my journey with family and friends back home. It was hard to say goodbye but I hope we stay connected and each and everyone of you are definitely in my thoughts and prayers.

Also, if there is anyone who is going through a similar situation whether it is being in an LDR or moving to a new country or applying for a similar visa/permit, I hope that my experience would somehow be useful. I remember being really encouraged by some of the blogs I found along the way during my period of waiting.

I don’t know what is ahead, I don’t know how the posts on the blog would roll out but for now I shall take it one step at a time and get this space up first. I am simply thankful that we can finally drop the long distance to our relationship and begin on this new journey that would probably be as unpredictable as my Swenglish.

Thank you all for your love! Till the next update, xoxo.


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